• THURSDAY MORNINGS; 10:30AM-12:00
  • June 15th, 22nd, 29th & July 6th
  • $60 per player

For the summer, we will combine KIDZ I & II and only have one KIDZ class.  Registration starts May 15th.

Registration opens April 1st and closes April 30th.  We will only be offering online registration; there will be no on site registration.  

volleykidzVolleyKidz is quickly becoming one of our more popular programs for the little ones.  This wonderful, exciting program is designed for 6 to 8 years old who are new to volleyball or who would like a little extra help improving their volleyball skills.

To make sure our players can focus on improving their skills and not getting hurt by the ball, they will be using a specially designed ball which is covered in a soft cloth material, unlike a normal volleyball which is leather bound.   The volleyball net is also lowered to a more suitable height for our VolleyKidz so they can gain confidence and practice at their best.

During the program each player will work on individual skills, such as, passing, setting, serving and hitting.  The program is setup in a practice format, but even though each practice is an hour and fifteen minutes long, players and coaches are always surprised at how fast the time flies…“Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!”.  Towards the end of the session players will get the opportunity to show off all they’ve learned during some of our 3v3 or 4v4 games.

Making sure that each volleyball player develops a great foundation is very important at Next Level, which makes VolleyKidz one of our most important programs.  The focus of this program is to give each player a good foundation as they learn each new volleyball skill and the confidence to improve upon it, as they develop a love for the game.


VolleyKidz II is only for players that have participated in at least two sessions of VolleyKidz I. Kidz II will focus on moving players to the next volleyball stages and skills. Kidz II will introduce settings and some multi-skilled drills.